Read Aloud Strategies (K-8)

AMERICAN LITERACY CORPORATION (ALC) offers both teachers, parents, and others, the strategies to use when reading aloud to students that will help ensure success in reading/listening comprehension for all students. ALC offers free lessons on this website for instructors* of PRIMARY students using Read Aloud Strategies for Grades K-3 and a selected piece of children's literature. Read Aloud Strategies for Grades 4-8 are offered for the instructors of INTERMEDIATE students, using a favorite novel. An explanation of strategies and techniques is provided, along with a sample lesson plan. A template is also provided for the instructors, using their choice of literature, to meet the needs of the students. Lessons are short and are easily incorporated into the classroom schedule, or may be used at home. Each "Read Aloud" lesson incorporates:

The easy to use and comprehensive strategies provided in Read Aloud Strategies for Grades K-3 and Read Aloud Strategies for Grades 4-8 will improve each student's ability to think and respond critically, increase comprehension, and improve reading scores.

*Instructors may be teachers, instructional aides, cross-age tutors, or parents.

Please click the links below to download a copy in PDF format of the introduction information, template, and sample lesson plan for your student's grade level.

Grades K-3 Strategies


Grades 4-8 Strategies


If you need a PDF reader, one can be obtained by downloading the Adobe Acrobat Reader for Windows and Mac computers.