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Outstanding Contributions to Literacy Award

American Literacy Corporation annually grants the "Outstanding Contributions to Literacy" award to excellent California classroom teachers and certified reading support personnel in grades K-8. These awards of $2000 each are given to selected certificated educators who make a significant difference in the literacy skills of their students. Each awardee's school also receives a $500 grant for reading or language arts activities or materials.

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George Bernard Shaw called teaching “the noblest of all professions.” Dr. Jo M. Stanchfield, an internationally renowned crusader in the field of literacy, founded the American Literacy Corporation, a non-profit organization, in 1992. Dr. Stanchfield strongly believed in recognizing and rewarding outstanding K-8 California teachers and certificated reading support staff members (coordinators, librarians, reading specialists, etc.)

Do you know any outstanding teachers or certificated reading support staff members who are making a difference in the lives of their students? The American Literacy Corporation would like your help in identifying certificated educators, kindergarten through eighth grade, who are quietly improving the literacy skills of their students. These enthusiastic educators create an environment of success, where students are excited and motivated to learn. These same educators serve as leaders in their own schools, districts, and community.

Since 1992, more than 200 certificated educators have received this prestigious award.

Winning teachers or certificated reading support staff members will receive:
  1. A cash award of $2,000 plus a $500 grant to the winner’s school for an author’s visit,
    library books, parent reading workshop, or other literacy related activity.
  2. A commemorative “Outstanding Contributions to Literacy” award plaque.
  3. Recognition at a reception in the fall (location and date to be announced)
  4. CRA Councils who nominate and write a letter of recommendation for a WINNING teacher will receive $500.

Award Submission Process

The online submission consists of four simple elements:

  1. The ALC Award application form which consists of:
    • Information on you and your school.
    • Your resume.
    • A description of your philosophy of education.
    • A description of growth of three of your students.
    • A list of your professional affiliations.
    • A list of leadership positions in your school, district, or community.
    • A description of how your leadership has made a difference in your school, district, or community.
    • A description of the lesson you are teaching in your classroom video.
    • And anything else you would like the committee to know.
  2. A PDF of at least one page of whole class scores that illustrate literacy growth from the beginning of the school year to the end of the year.
  3. A Principal’s letter of recommendation (or other district administrator), directed to ALC, on school or district letterhead. The letter must be dated and signed by the principal or administrator. IF nominated by your local California Reading Association (CRA)Council, you must also include a letter of recommendation from that council.
  4. A video of a short, 10-15 minute classroom literacy lesson. Please include a “pan” shot of your classroom and the physical environment that you provide for the students.

The required application form, whole class scores, Principals letter, CRA Council letter (optional), and the video are to be uploaded to the ALC website for the judges to review (note these files can only be accessed by the ALC judges). To begin the process you will need to register by clicking the "Register" link above. Once you have registered enter your login information at the top of this page to access the application form and information on the letter, CRA Council letter (optional) and video as well as upload links for all required files.

Remember all components of your Application must be submitted online by July 15, 2018.