The American Literacy Corporation recognizes and rewards certificated educators who significantly increase the literacy levels of their students.

We believe the educator is the key to improving the literacy skills of listening, speaking, critical thinking, reading, and writing. Improved literacy results in greater performance and productivity, not only in school, but also in the work force.

ALC annually grants "The Outstanding Contributions to Literacy Award" to excellent certificated educators who show the greatest literacy improvement of their students. Awards of $2,000 are given to educators who make a significant difference in the literacy achievement of their students in grades K-8 and a $500 grant is given to the winner's school for reading or language arts activities or materials.

  • Award Submissions

    Do you know any outstanding teachers or certificated reading support staff who are making a difference in the lives of their students? The American Literacy Corporation would like your help in identifying certificated educators, kindergarten through eighth grade, who are quietly improving the reading skills of their students.

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  • CRA Councils

    Encourage and mentor an outstanding K-8 educator to apply for the "Outstanding   Contributions to Literacy" award.

    Councils that write a letter of recommendation for the applicant (to be included in the application) will be awarded $500 for a WINNING educator.

  • Read Aloud Strategies (K-8)

    AMERICAN LITERACY CORPORATION (ALC) offers educators, parents, and others, the strategies to use when reading aloud to students that will help ensure success in reading/listening comprehension for all students. ALC offers free lessons on this website for K-8 instructors using Read Aloud Strategies and a selected piece of children’s literature.

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