"First of all, in the context of education, this implies that teachers have the Torch of Literacy - that they have the knowledge and understanding of the meaning of literacy. Secondly, Plato implies that those who have the Torch will also have the desire and the will to pass it on. Enthusiastic, caring teachers pass this Torch to their students everyday."

Dr. Jo M. Stanchfield - Founder, American Literacy Corporation

  • Award Submissions

    Do you know any outstanding teachers or certificated reading support staff who are making a difference in the lives of their students? The American Literacy Corporation would like your help in identifying tcertificated educators, kindergarten through eighth grade, who are quietly improving the reading skills of their students.

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  • How You Can Help

    Please send your tax-deductible donation today to support the American Literacy Corporation's vital efforts. Your contribution will enable us to meet our goals and help encourage higher levels of literacy instruction in our schools..

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  • Read Aloud Strategies (K-8)

    AMERICAN LITERACY CORPORATION (ALC) offers educators, parents, and others, the strategies to use when reading aloud to students that will help ensure success in reading/listening comprehension for all students. ALC offers free lessons on this website for K-8 instructors using Read Aloud Strategies and a selected piece of children’s literature.

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